The Family
Learning about the Catholic faith cannot be accomplished solely by a series of lesson plans taught in a classroom. Faith must be lived and also reinforced by strong modeling practices. These can best be found within the family setting, our domestic church. Parents are the first and primary teachers of their children, and their desire to participate fully in the life of the church community will provide an enriching faith experience for the entire family. The Parish School of Religion requires the support of the Family to be successful. Family life influences the effectiveness of the school’s mission through a more informal teaching process. The family’s understanding, and, then, reinforcement, of the lessons learned in the Parish School of Religion form a foundation for living that goes beyond the classroom. Setting religion and religious education as first priorities within the family framework helps to create an attitude of learning which will lead to a deepening of faith and a strengthening of community affiliation. Taking an active part in the liturgies and ministries of the parish provides a model for the family and others. Suggested activities for the domestic church are:
morning and evening prayers prayers before meals attending Mass together as a family discussing readings and homilies before and after Mass celebrating holy days in a special manner keeping Sunday as a family day treating the reception of a sacrament as a family celebration being responsible to religious education class requirements subscribing to the Catholic Free Press and other church literature developing a family ministry to help the less fortunate