Parish Council - Under the leadership of Frank Landry, the Parish Council serves as an advisory board to the pastor in all matters concerning the Parish of St. Matthew, working very closely with our pastor in many aspects to continue our growth and viability as a faith community.  Members of the Parish Council include representatives from the Finance Committee, Music and Worship, Christian Service, Family Life, Youth Ministry, Religious Education, Ecumenism, and Social ministries.  The current members of the Parish Council are:  Rev. James B. Flynn (pastor), Frank Landry (Chair), Barbara Murphy (Finance), Kristin Merrill (Religious Education), Paul Cimino (Religious Education Board), Jonathan Bezdegian (Music), Karen Fournier (Youth Ministry), David Hamacher (Family Life), Helen McManus, Leslie Elkins, and Suzanne McGourty (Council Secretary). The Liturgy Committee encourages prayerful participation through liturgy and provides the opportunities for parishioners to use their gifts to serve the liturgical needs of the parish. The various liturgical ministries are: liturgical planning, sacristan, greeter, lector/commentator, musician, leader of song and eucharistic minister. Pre-Cana and Couple to Couple Marriage Preparation Our wish is for every couple to approach this process not as an obligation, but as a means of discovering more about their own motivation for marriage, and becoming aware of what their life partner is bringing to the table. We try to deliver a discovery and awareness perspective during our pre-cana and couple to couple sessions with couples starting out in their married lives. By articulating the power behind daily communications to help manage each other's expectations, we believe that marriages can thrive as they age. Our training at the diocesan level has provided us with powerful tools that enable us to deliver perspectives with lasting impact on our program attendees. We strive to stay away from a teaching and preaching approach, and have found that by sharing our own experiences through sincere and honest examples, we are best able to assist in the couple’s preparation for a lasting marriage. Contact person: Parish Office The Emergency Needs Committee serves the parish through caring and sharing service. This group of volunteers serves the emergency needs that arise in parishioners’ homes from time to time. These include emergency babysitting, transportation, means or other assistance that a family might need on a one-time basis. Contact person: Father Flynn The Religious Education Board oversees the establishment and development of the Religious Education Program for all ages. It will develop policies and goals relative to this area of parish life. Contact person: Kristin Merrill Spiritual Life Committee offers programs to strengthen the spiritual life of the parish by providing opportunities for a parish retreat, prayer services, scripture classes and other spiritually oriented programs. Contact person: Father Flynn Ministries of Care visit the sick, the elderly and the infirm in their homes, hospitals and nursing homes, praying with them and bringing them Eucharist. Contact Person: Father Flynn Youth Ministry - The purpose of Youth Ministry is to lead youth in grades 7-12 to a closer relationship with Christ and our parish community.  This is done through ongoing faith formation and social justice activities.  Special emphasis is placed on helping our own parish community as well as the community at large.  For current events and photos of Youth Ministry, click here. Contact person: Karen Fournier Our Father’s Table is an organization that was founded to provide meals for people in need. The organization solicits local churches to form committees that will organize and provide these meals on specific evenings. Our Father’s Table works out of The First Baptist Church in Marlborough. Currently, St. Matthew provides one meal every three months on Mondays. We also provide assistance, if needed, during Holiday times. The St. Matthew Committee is always looking for volunteers to serve, cook, provide supplies and make desserts. Contact person: Marybeth Strickland The Coffee Hour Committee organizes volunteers to host coffee hour after the 11:00 Mass one Sunday a year. We try to pair newcomers with a family who has hosted before. It’s a great way to meet new people or catch up with friends. Contact person: Marybeth Riley   The Prayer Shawl Ministry welcomes anyone who can or wants to learn to, knit or crochet, to join them in creating pryaer shawls for anyone in need of being “wrapped in prayer.”  Flyers for those interested in joining this ministry are available at the church exits.  Request forms for Prayer Shawls for someone in need of one are available at the Prayer Book table and exits or by contacting the Parish Office. Contact person: Theresa Churchill